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What is Articulate Change?

Articulate Change is a path to social equality through friendship, dialog, and technology.

Both a platform and a movement, Articulate Change exists to build a more socially equitable world through connections that we hope will lead to deep, meaningful friendships through small daily actions.

We recognize and celebrate existing organizations taking to the streets and doing the hard work of large-scale activism. Articulate Change is a sustainable way for YOU to be a leader every day: to connect with people different from ourselves, share our stories, and learn from each other to create more social equality in the world.

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Our Mission: To create a world of social equality through the greatest
influence —friendship—one person at a time.

Equality in a diverse world.

Activism defined by optimism.

Fairness, honesty, and directness in all dealings.

Kindness and empathy drive everything we do.

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